Garmin obtains decryption key after ransomware attack

Garmin appears to be getting its services back up and running after a ransomware attack crippled the company last week.

Users are reporting that services like Garmin Connect, which work with the company’s fitness trackers, are slowly coming back online.

Last week, malicious software infected Garmin’s corporate network and encrypted its files. The software, called WastedLocker, was believed to be deployed by a gang of Russian hackers who demanded a $10 million ransom was paid in order to restore Garmin’s services to normal.

However, it doesn’t appear that Garmin paid the ransom in order to wrest back control of its network.

Sources with knowledge of the Garmin incident spoke to Sky News on the condition of anonymity and said that the company did not directly make a payment to the hackers.

Meanwhile, Garmin has put out a statement explaining how it reacted to the situation, but stopped short of giving any details on a ransom demand.

‘Garmin Ltd. was the victim of a cyber attack that encrypted some of our systems on July 23, 2020. As a result, many of our online services were interrupted including website functions, customer support, customer facing applications, and company communications,’ the company said.

‘We immediately began to assess the nature of the attack and started remediation. We have no indication that any customer data, including payment information from Garmin Pay™, was accessed, lost or stolen. Additionally, the functionality of Garmin products was not affected, other than the ability to access online services.  

‘Affected systems are being restored and we expect to return to normal operation over the next few days. We do not expect any material impact to our operations or financial results because of this outage.

‘As our affected systems are restored, we expect some delays as the backlog of information is being processed. 

‘We are grateful for our customers’ patience and understanding during this incident and look forward to continuing to provide the exceptional customer service and support that has been our hallmark and tradition.’

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