Get a free Google Home Mini speaker if you use Spotify, but there’s a catch

Google has teamed-up with Spotify to offer subscribers a free Google Home Mini smart speaker.

This doughnut-sized smart speaker is designed to let you access the full Google Assistant, which can answer all of your general knowledge queries, play music from Spotify (as well as a few other services), update you on the latest weather reports and headlines, as well as order taxis and takeaways.

It’s a nifty piece of kit and really comes into its own if you have other smart home gadgets around the home, like smart lighting, central heating, or security or doorbell devices.

At launch, Google Home Mini cost £49. However, this smart speaker, which can be linked up with a beefier sound system via Bluetooth if you’d like some stronger bass when playing music you’ve requested to the Google Assistant, has now been superseded by the Google Nest Mini.

The latter launched earlier this month alongside the Google Pixel 4, Pixel Buds and a number of other Google-designed devices.

So, you’re not getting the latest and greatest hardware from Google. For that, you’ll have to cough-up the £49 for the new Nest Home Mini, which enjoys better sound quality, more LED lights for more granular control of the volume, as well as a bracket mount so that you can fit the Google speaker to your wall anywhere in your home.

There is, unfortunately, one other catch.

As it stands, this awesome new promotion is US-only. Spotify subscribers in the UK are unable to get their hands on the previous generation Google Home Mini speaker for free using the same method. Hopefully, if the promotion is a huge success in the States (and why wouldn’t it be? Google Home Mini is a great piece of kit and it’s free for anyone who pays for Spotify).

Students and Spotify Premium users who are only on the trial at the moment are not eligible for the free speaker, which makes sense. But if you’re a typical US Spotify subscriber, you can claim your free Google Home Mini speaker by following these steps:

• Head over to Spotify on your web browser. Login to your account.

• Once you’re logged in, click here and select whether you have an Individual or Family subscription plan. And there we go! You’ll have reserved your Google Home Mini.

• Check the email address associated with your Spotify account. The music streaming service will have emailed over all the details you need to get the free Home Mini.

Head over to the Google Store and use the discount code in the Spotify email to drop the price down to $0. And then enter your shipping address and all the usual extras to get the smart speaker in the post and on the way to your door.

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