Google Home sale – These unbelievable smart speaker offers end tomorrow

Google Home is the American tech giant’s smart speaker range that originally debuted back in 2016.

Although the product initially debuted in a single model, Google has since released a number of different Home variants that each have their own nuances.

All Google Home models come with the Mountain View firm’s signature Assistant built in – however some flavours of the hardware series place a greater emphasis on sound than others.

The Google Home Mini for instance sacrifices some audio quality in exchange for its miniature build while the Google Home Max has a laudable tweeter array and subwoofer but is a much larger device because of the fact.

The tech giant is currently discounting all models of its Home range, including its smart display, the Google Nest Hub.

Here is a full list of Google Home offers:

• Google Home – £69 (was £89) GET THE DEAL HERE

• Google Home Mini – £24 (was £49) GET THE DEAL HERE

• Google Home Max – £199 (was £299) GET THE DEAL HERE

• Google Nest Hub – £95 (was £119) GET THE DEAL HERE

The standard Google Home has been positioned by the tech powerhouse as a great entry level device for those looking to pick up their first smart speaker.

The hardware features a contemporary design and provides a decent balance between size and sound.

Google Nest Hub is the only device in the product series that comes with a screen that allows it to display contextual information.

Nest Hub is capable of providing visual weather forecasts and can even deliver recipes to users with step by step guides, too.

One of the most notable features offered by the device though comes from its ability to act as a digital photo frame when it is not being used.

Google’s Home offers started on July 5 and will run until Sunday July 21, ending at 7.59am UK time.

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