Google Year in Search 2021: All the top Google searches for the year

Google has revealed its annual list of the top searches for the year and broken down what the nation has been Googling in various different categories.

Whereas last year’s results were dominated by the global pandemic, this year the population of the UK turned to sport.

According to the tech giant, ‘Euros’ was the most Googled term of the year. Followed by ‘Premier League’ and then ‘Christian Eriksen’, the Danish footballer who suffered a cardiac arrest during the Euros tournament.

‘It’s no surprise that 2021 has revealed some interesting insights into the zeitgeist of the nation,’ said Matt Cooke, head of Google News Lab said.

‘During a year of unpredictability, we have turned to sport, entertainment, gardening, recipes and UK-based travel to get us through some of the most frustrating and difficult times.

‘We have seen searches for prominent women dominate the top of our lists, as well as huge rises in second-hand and sustainability queries over 2021.’

England might not have ended the 55-year wait for a trophy, but the fans still came together. Searches for ‘Three Lions’ and ‘Sweet Caroline’ both featured into Google’s top trending songs of the year.

Meanwhile, when it came to entertainment, Brits mostly searched for Bridgerton, Love Island and No Time to Die this year.

‘Year in Search always provides fascinating insight into what the nation is thinking, learning and discovering – about themselves and others,’ Cooke said.

Most of 2021’s top trending searches were related to individuals at the centre of the year’s biggest news stories.

Prince Philip, Matt Hancock, Emma Raducanu and Sarah Everard were all names that made the top ten searches, all for very different reasons.

Of course, with the continued stresses of the coronavirus pandemic, it wasn’t far from our search queries.

As borders reopened, Brits were keen to grab some sunshine with questions surrounding the traffic light system topping travel searches – but this was only after staycations saw a surge in popularity with ‘caravan’ featuring high up in the list.

The year also saw ‘covid vaccine’ top the news list and queries around the reopening of ‘schools’, ‘gyms’ and ‘hairdressers’ dominating the ‘when’ trending search list.

Finally, with the globally important COP26 conference taking place in Glasgow, Brits turned to Google for sustainability queries.

The biggest searches were ‘what does COP26 stand for?’ and a range of questions on where to purchase second hand items such as ‘second hard furniture’, ‘second hand electric cars’ and ‘second hand clothes’.

Google’s UK Year in Search 2021: Top 10 searches in each category

Here’s Google’s full list of top trending search terms for the UK in 2021.

All terms




Political Figures




Song lyrics


All questions





Second hand  

Or searches


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