Hacker says he will delete Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook account and you can watch

A hacker has claimed that he will delete the Facebook account of Mark Zuckerberg on Sunday.

Posting on, ironically enough, Facebook , Chang Chi-yuan said he will delete Zuckerberg’s account live. It’s not clear if he’ll show the process, or even if he can actually delete anything at all.

Described as a "white hat hacker" he usually earns money from reporting bugs to companies.

A white hat hacker usually doesn’t seek to do harm, instead they uncover problems with code and report those issues to whoever wrote it.

Usually people working in this way wouldn’t tell anyone else until the company had a chance to fix the problem. Even hackers not expecting a financial reward would honour this, hence the name "white hat".

It’s quite common for big tech firms to have "bug bounties" where experts will inspect applications or websites looking for things that could be exploited.

Many firms will pay for this information as it helps them avoid a real attack and provides valuable insight.

Some hackers will earn tens of thousands reporting these vulnerabilities. Some may even earn as much as $350,000 per year for their efforts.

Tesla pays between $100 and $10,000 for information on an exploit while Google’s top payout is $31,337. Amounts depend on the severity of the bug and what it would allow a malicious user to do.

Deleting Facebook accounts would almost certainly qualify as severe. On its own bug bounty page Facebook pays a minimum of $500 for information on such discoveries.

Companies like HackerOne offer the services of coders to big firms so that they can test apps and services before releasing them for public use.

Chang’s attempt will be live streamed on Facebook and is scheduled for 11am Sunday September 30. Unless Facebook shuts him down, that is.

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