Halifax bank not working: How long will it be down? Why is it not working?

Lloyds banking services down for users across the UK

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Halifax banking apps are down, leaving customers unable to login and access their money this morning. According to Down Detector, customers are experiencing issues with online banking, using a cashpoint, logging in, seeing thier recent transactions and accessing their money.

Customers across the UK have been hit with a myriad of issues on Thursday morning, with some reportedly unable to see the money in their account.

Other are reporting the outage goes beyond the app, and cash withdrawals are no longer possible.

The outage is also affecting Lloyds and Bank of Scotland customers.

Customers began experiencing issues around 8am, citing saying their balance is ‘missing’ and shows ‘N/A’.

Looking at Down Detector, it appears Halifax customers began seeing issues at 8am today, with around 1,356 people reporting problems with the app or online banking.

Halifax users are being met with an error which shows N/A rather than their account balances.

One user named Bibin wrote on Down Detector: “My Halifax account completely blank. Don’t know what to do.”

Another named JB said: “I have the same issue (says N/A) on all my accounts, but when I click on view statements it gives me the balance, pending transactions and statement history. Anyone else experiencing the same and can confirm the data is up to date?”

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