How to get GIFs on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is the popular platform for keeping in touch with loved ones wherever they are in the world. Part of WhatsApp’s enduring appeal is how it allows users to freely include photos, video and even GIFs in chats. explains just how straightforward it is to send GIFs via WhatsApp on a smartphone.

How to get GIFs on WhatsApp:

Including a GIF is an easy way to add a splash of action to a staid WhatsApp chat.

The easiest way to send looping animations in WhatsApp is via the built-in GIF function, available on both Apple iPhones and Android smartphones.

The function lets users swiftly search the vast library of GIFs available on online database Giphy.

These chosen clips can then be sent without needing to first save the GIF on a smartphone.

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To search for a Giphy GIF to send on a iPhone, users should first select the Stickers icon to the right of the text entry field in WhatsApp chat.

Then, at the bottom of the WhatsApp window, next tap the GIF icon. From here, users can browse from a wide range of preset categories.

Those with a specific GIF in mind should use the keyword search, found in the WhatsApp screen’s magnifying glass.

Once the perfect GIF is found, tap it and then hit the send icon to share with that certain someone.

To find GIFs on Andorra smartphones, tap the smiley icon in the Google Keyboard.

Then, in the pop-up emoji menu, a GIF button should be visible along the bottom.

Tapping this allows users to easily find a searchable selection of GIFs.

There is also a Frequently Used button to help save user’s most popular GIFs.

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Converting videos to GIFs on WhatsApp:

Although WhatsApp allows users to send existing videos, some may be unaware clips can also be converted to GIFs.

The only restriction is a GIF can be no longer than six seconds – footage longer than this does not offer this conversion option.

To send a video on WhatsApp, users are first required to start a message then select the + icon in the screen’s bottom left corner.

A menu will proceed to pop-up from which users should select the clip from their library.

Next, select any video and then simply hit Send button on WhatsApp.

But sending video as a GIF is often more preferable to many WhatsApp users.

To do so, simply follow the same steps outlined above, but instead ensure a video lasting no longer than six seconds is selected.

Once chosen, users will then be presented with an option just beneath the top of the screen’s timeline.

This will most likely have a camera highlighted in blue with GIF to its right.

Tapping on the GIF option will immediately start the video playing on a loop.

Manually dragging either end of the timeline bar allows users to intuitively edit the clip’s start and end points.

Please note, other options across the top are available, including cropping, adding emojis, text, or drawing on the GIF.

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