Incredible Audible deal offers three months of access for just 99p

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Amazon has launched an unmissable offer for audiobook and podcast fans – you can unlock three months of membership to Audible for just 99p. No, that’s not a typo. While a subscription for three months would usually cost over £20 – you can spend less than a single pound.

Better yet, there’s no obligation to stay subscribed after the deal period. So, if you’ve listened to all of the audiobooks and premium podcasts that take your fancy… you can leave the streaming service without paying a penny more.

Audible Black Friday offer

If you love audiobooks you don’t want to miss this incredible Audible offer for Black Friday. Right now new customers can get three months worth of access to the popular streaming service for just 99p. That’s right, 99p for three months of access to Audible. This works out as a saving of over £20, as Audible usually costs £7.99 per month.

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