Instagram addicts pay £70 for fake holiday snaps at tourist hotspots

Apps which fake holiday shots for desperate millennials are in danger of turning Instagram into Instasham.

Selfie addicts can now pay for mocked-up images of them anywhere in the world for a fraction of the airfare.

Fake a Vacation charges from £38 to £70 to forge pics of clients at Ayers Rock or Uluru, Australia, or Cancun, Mexico.

It says: “We take care of everything from providing pictures to educating you about the destination.”

Another site, Krome Photos, boasts its automatic photo system can earn users thousands of Instagram followers.

For just £7 you upload a shot of yourself and it will place you in Paris, Barcelona, China and many more locations.

Boss Eduardo Llach said: “People are realising that photos give you the ability to create whoever you want to be.”

Around 56 per cent of millennials post deceptive holiday snaps using specialist apps such as Photoshop, says a survey.

Social media expert Sara Tasker said: “We’ve been heading in this direction for some time. The new apps are the next step for people who can’t get great shots but don’t have to spend money to travel.”

Tom Eda, of, said: “Pressure on young people to post glamorous shots on social media accounts had led to a surge in use of the site.”

He added: “They fake it sometimes because the actual vacation is too expensive so they plan this way or sometimes they do it to get others envious.”

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