Instagram down for hundreds of users across UK in yet another app outage

Instagram is down for hundreds of users across the UK in yet another massive platform outage.

The social media app appears to have broken down for the third time in less than a week, according to website Down Detector which is showing an influx of reports of problems within the last hour.

Almost 500 reports of problems with Instagram have been lodged with Down Detector this evening.

A total of 62% of reported issues seem to be with the app itself, with other users reporting problems with their Instagram feed and server connection.

A number of frustrated users have already taken to Twitter to vent about the Instagram outage.

"And Instagram is down AGAIN," one user tweeted along with a gif of a baby falling on its face.

"#instagramdown seriously third time in a week really @instagram are you kidding…" another complained.

"instagram messages down. how many times is Mark gonna do this to us," a third Twitter user said, along with a gif of Leo DiCaprio applauding sarcastically.

"Seriously what is up with Instagram," one disgruntled Down Detector commenter wrote.

The site experienced two other major outages last week, along with WhatsApp and Facebook.

The first outage on Monday evening lasted for approximately seven hours, a significant enough disruption that Mark Zuckerberg's company publicly apologised.

The second, on Friday evening, saw more than 17,000 UK Instagram users report that they could not access the app.

The disaster caused some politicians to voice concerns over the monopoly on big tech that has resulted in multiple popular apps all being taken out at once in a single outage.

The global shutout in which billions of users were not able to use the social media giant's platforms renewed calls for tech giants such as Facebook to be broken up.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, has yet to comment publicly on tonight's outage.

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