iPhone 13 survives 100mph fall from world’s fastest zipline without a scratch

At the iPhone 13 launch event earlier this month, Apple claimed that its new flagship smartphone has the "toughest glass ever" on a smartphone.

It seems they weren't lying – as a new extreme drop test by the accessories company Mous has seen the iPhone 13 survive a 100mph impact from the world's fastest zipline.

The company, which is known for testing its phone cases by dropping them from helicopters and even outer space, took the £779 phone to Wales for a spin on the Velocity 2 zipline at Penrhyn Slate Quarry in Wales.

CEO James Griffiths tossed the iPhone off of the zipline as he accelerated up to 100mph, and it shockingly survived without a scratch.

"Every year we do something seriously extreme to test our new iPhone cases and we always try something more daring than we've ever done in the past," said Griffiths in the test video.

"It can be tough to think up more intense drop-tests, but we think 100mph fits the bill."

Both the iPhone 12 and 13 use an ultra-tough ceramic shield screen made by the company Corning.

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Although it looks and feels like glass, it actually combines glass with ceramic, which is harder than most metals.

As a result, the Ceramic Shield is said to be 4x stronger than typical smartphone glass, which is aided by a surgical-grade stainless steel frame.

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All in all, Apple has tried its hardest to minimise the risk of screen cracks and breaks, but as anyone who's got a track record of dropping their iPhones on the pavement knows, these measures don't always work.

Other tests of the iPhone 13 have seen the Pro and Pro Max models crack and break on concrete from heights of just 10 feet, which suggests a case might very well be needed.

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