iPhone home screen update is slammed by Apple fans who say it’s ‘weird’

The Apple iPhone could be due for yet another major overhaul of its home screen, according to leaked screenshots.

iPhone users have been told to "be prepared for interactive widgets". These big widgets will reportedly work across the home screen and in app folders, letting you see reminders, the weather, and control apps without having to open them.

The rumoured change has been tipped by iPhone insiders LeaksApplePro, who say that "there is a lot of work to do so there could be changes to this during the coming months."

However, not everyone is so excited about the leaked images, which show an overhauled home screen featuring some big user interface changes.

"People are forgetting that this is insanely early iOS 16 leaks. That's why it looks 'weird'," said one iPhone fan.

Others doubt the changes. One Twitter user said "Hmmmm. Are you sure these are real? The remote icon isn't even [Apple's] it's not even what the new remote looks like at all."

Eagle-eyed Apple fans even pointed out that the icons have been changed to more closely resemble those on the MacOS X.

"macOS icons!?!?? I'm so pumped," wrote one user.

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This isn't the first big iPhone rumour to emerge from Apple today.

The tech giant is reportedly set to unveil a brand new iPhone SE, which would be an upgraded version of its popular budget phone line.

According to Bloomberg, Apple will host a surprise launch event on March 8 for the the new 'cheap' iPhone as well as upgraded versions of the Mac and the iPad Air.

The iPhone SE 3 is tipped to feature Apple's powerful new A15 chip as well as 5G connectivity, which would make it faster than even high-end iPhones from a couple of years ago.

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