iPhone iMessage hidden travel hack ‘blows people’s minds’

iPhone users have been blown away by a secret travel life hack hidden inside Apple's iMessage.

In a new video, TikTok star maxmilespoints revealed a hidden feature that allows anyone to track a plane in real time just by typing its flight number into iMessage.

Once you've sent or received a message with a flight number, you simply press and hold the message bubble. A pop-up will give you the option to 'preview flight'.

A live map screen will pop up that shows you the plane's current location on its route, its duration, estimated time of arrival, and even the number for the baggage claim at the other end.

The feature doesn't always work with Ryanair, easyJet, or Virgin Atlantic—but you can use it with British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, American Airlines, and others.

It can let you track not only your own flight, but that of a friend or family member, so it's perfect if you're waiting at the airport for someone to arrive.

Last week, one online travel wiz revealed a hack to book yourself an entire row on a plane.

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Chelsea Dickenson of cheapholidayexpert.com, said the trick is not totally guaranteed but it's "great when it works".

The first tip is to check in as early as possible, she explains in an Instagram post, and try to coordinate the booking with a friend.

"When selecting a seat, you're looking for a free row and book for a window seat and an aisle seat, leaving the middle seat in between you," she says.

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"The theory here is that someone is much less likely to book a seat in between two strangers and they'll opt for another row."

Apple are increasingly trying to make their phones the best option for travellers and frequent fliers.

The new iPhone 13 lets you load two virtual SIMs, which means you can have just one phone for trips abroad or home and business.

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