Kawasaki urges bikers to ditch motorcycles for rideable robot goats with new AI

Goats aren't exactly known for being willing chauffeurs, but then neither are most robots.

At least, that was the case until Japanese motorcycle giant Kawasaki unveiled its latest innovation, a rideable robotic goat called Bex, at the IREX 2022 tech show in Tokyo.

The robot, which is inspired by rare mountain goat Ibex, has larger horns and the body of a nimble goat.

The company has designed it to help builders haul materials around construction sites, but thanks to its multifunctional AI, it can also be ridden around like a horse.

The robo-goat has been praised for its innovative design, in particular its legs, which fold up to reveal hidden wheels so it can zip around the roads faster than it would otherwise.

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Bex might not be the first rideable robot creature to hit the market, however. Chinese electric vehicle company Xpeng Robotics last year announced a rideable robotic unicorn called the Little White Dragon.

Aimed at children, the four-legged 'pet' is equipped with state-of-the-art motion control, navigation, and AI-powered "emotional interaction" capabilities. It's also complete with a tiny horn.

The so-called 'quadruped' is roughly the height of a small boy, and will use the company's self-driving vehicle AI technology to help the robot recognize objects and navigate different environments.

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