‘Leaked’ information suggests GTA 6 will be announced before Christmas

An Instagram account that leaked details of Rockstar's hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 has been suspended, after claiming the game will take place in Miami and feature hurricanes, alligators, and Fortnite-style map updates.

The verified account, ThatsSoBold, has vanished from both Twitter and Instagram following the post. It said:

"GTA 6 will be Announced Nov-Dec & Will Take Place in Miami Featuring Hurricanes, Gators, and MORE!"

If it is announced this winter, it would mark a much sooner release date than anticipated, as previous leaks suggested the game would not come out until at least 2025.

The post said that the game will return to the GTA III setting of Vice City, and that the map will be three times bigger than that of the mammoth previous instalment GTA V.

This has been backed up by other purported leaks, in which shaky online footage claimed to show Grand Theft Auto 6's in-game menu map completed with locations.

One claim that has surfaced repeatedly is that GTA 6 will feature a Fortnite-style dynamic map that is constantly updated by the developers, with new downloadable content and themes being added to the game with each 'season'. This was once again mentioned by the ThatsSoBold post.

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While there is a chance there is no substance to the leaks, people on Twitter are speculating that the suspension of the account gives the post some credibility, and that it could be Rockstar Games took action. One person wrote:

"ThatsSoBold Instagram account has been suspended, which can mean that Rockstar Games had taken action owing to the leak, lending further credibility to the leak, or was suspended do to unrelated reasons."

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The previous instalment in the series, Grand Theft Auto V, was released all the way back in 2013. It saw players take up the mantle of three criminals as they try to rob a major central bank.

The game is still immensely popular eight years on thanks to its online mode.

Originally launched on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, it has been remastered and re-released on PS4, Xbox One, and now Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

That's a lot of mileage for a game that made $1 billion for Rockstar in its first three days of release. GTA V is by now the most financially successful media title of all time, so you can understand why they might want to take time with the sequel.

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