Left 4 Dead fans ecstatic at Back 4 Blood launch say zombie game is ‘a blast’

It's been a great day for zombie horror, as the long-awaited Back 4 Blood game finally launched this morning.

The spiritual successor to Valve's Left 4 Dead series has gone live on PC and Playstation. For those Xbox gamers lucky enough to have Game Pass Ultimate, it's also available to download and play for free right now.

Developed by the original 'Left 4 Dead' team at Turtle Rock Studios, Back 4 Blood sees players team up with their friends as one of 8 'cleaners' who fight back the undead 'Ridden'. It combines cooperative gameplay with tight maps in a world overrun by zombies.

The game has received a positive early response, with many people calling it a 'blast' and praising its fresh take on classic Left 4 Dead mechanics.

One Twitter account said it had improved on the beta version of the game. "Played some [Back 4 Blood] & found it more challenging than the demo / beta. Not sure if it was the team or the occasional bot triggering things, but we were getting swarmed. Or… Was it me?"

There have been a few minor complaints about the lack of achievements on the game's singleplayer mode.

Anoter Twitter user wrote: "Seriously loving [Back 4 Blood]. I hope they activate progression and achievements for single player as I know that'll help more people get into it. Having a blast with my buddies though."

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For those who preordered physical copies of the long-awaited game, however, it hasn't been smooth sailing. Postal delays is seeing people having to wait even longer while the rest of the world logs in for some bloodthirsty action.

Back 4 Blood is produced by Turtle Rock Studios, who previously built the first Left 4 Dead game at Valve before eventually leaving the corporation over creative differences.

While Back 4 Blood takes many of the core elements of the original series, it adds a ton of new modern features such as card decks, special bosses, and updated graphics.

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