Lloyds and Halifax hit by app outage that's locked people out of their accounts

Lloyds Bank and Halifax have been hit by an outage which has locked people out of their accounts,

Customers received error messages when they attempt to log in to their accounts after a glitch struck at about 10am this morning.

Both banks are tweeting the same message to customers on Twitter who reported the outage.

‘We know some of you are having issues with viewing your balance online,’ they wrote.

‘We’re sorry for this. We’re working to have it back to normal soon.’

Neither banks have put out an official statement on Twitter.

Downdetector received almost 800 reports from Halifax customers and more than 550 reports from people who bank with Lloyds.

Its map suggested large numbers of outage reports from Halifax customers in London and around Manchester, whereas the Lloyds outage affected people across the country.

The outage-tracking site reported 1,200 reports about Halifax and 800 referring to Lloyds.


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