Metroid Dread review and fan reactions: one of the best platformers on Nintendo

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The long-awaited new instalment in Nintendo's beloved Metroid series is finally here, and fans are raving about the platformer's action-packed story and graphics.

Metroid Dread sees the series return to its 2D sidescrolling roots with Samus battling against strange and powerful new enemies as she explores the planet ZDR. A launch title for the new OLED Nintendo Switch, its a return to form for the sci-fi action series, which first launched back in 1986.

Fans took to Twitter to celebrate, with one saying that the Special Edition of the game is "the most beautiful thing I've seen in a long time."

Another user said "Metroid Dread is everything I wished it would be. This is the most fun I've had playing a game in a good while."

One user recommended the game, saying: "So far, Metroid Dread is so good! If you're a Metroid fan or [adjacent], and have the means to check it out, DO SO! 2D parkour at top speed with no idea where you're going and your life on the line… *CHEFS KISS* Beautiful to boot!"

We were lucky enough to get our hands on Metroid Dread before launch on the new OLED Switch. Read on for our review and verdict:

Metroid Dread is effectively the launch title on the new OLED console and is one of the best looking Switch title’s we’ve come across.

It’s Japanese-esque vivid space design really makes the most of the new 7in screen and its vibrant display.

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Colours and atmosphere bombard you as you take to the role of bounty hunter Samus Aran as she tries to escape a cavernous alien world played by robot monsters.

Based on the 2D classics of yesteryear, the game feels incredibly fresh as you platform your way along metal corridors and caverns, slowly unpeeling the onion of a story that leads to boss fights and running laser battles.

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It sits easily among the best platformers on the Nintendo right now and once you learn the basics you’ll find yourself thrown into the deep end in what is a tough twitch-platform shooter where you’ll spend as much time dodging the baddies and their bullets as killing them.

The various weapon upgrades always come at the perfect time, so as you reach a new unassailable position suddenly you’ll discover a new grapple beam or missile upgrade that’ll open the unopenable door.

Power-ups are the name of the game and really you’ll only ever progress if you knuckle down and really explore all the ever-expanding areas you come across for that next key to get you on.

The worst bits are the face-offs you have with E.M.M.I robots, animal like stalking machines that chase you around the map.

It gets a bit Alien Isolation at points as you dart at speed around barely-memorised levels to dodge the beasties, often avoiding face-to-face conflict to make it to a safe zone with more killable bots.

And, without spoiling the fun, the bigger boss fights are worth working towards, both in graphics wow-factor and challenge.

A great game and an ideal title to kick off the Switch OLED era.


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