MMA Fighter Israel Adesanya’s Gym Bag Secret Weapon? Jelly Beans.

Israel Adesanya remains one of the best fighters in UFC, playing to the beat of an undefeated drum at the middleweight level over the last nine years. It was only until this past Saturday’s UFC 259 that the champ experienced his first loss to Jan Blachowicz when he moved up to the light heavyweight division. The loss may have humbled him, but it’s also fueling the fire for the 31-year-old former kickboxer’s next moves to be a knockout success.

But before he goes back to defend his middleweight champion belt, The Last Stylebender sat down with us to share everything inside his gym bag that keeps him moving and motivated, both in and out of the ring.

Naturally, the first item the professional fighter unzips from his “emotional baggage” gym bag are brand new 7-ounce MMA Sparring gloves from Engage. “Mmmm, smells like victory,” he sings. The 12- or 8-ounce gloves don’t quite get him ready for Fight Week. “I can still crack with these,” he adds with a punch.

Like most athletes, he has a bottle of water with him at all times to stay hydrated (no brand in particular). Following the proper preparedness mentality, he busts out a fresh pair of kicks: Classic Puma suede sneakers to wear outside the ring for those just-in-case outings after training. “Gotta have an extra shirt,” Adesanya says as he holds up a graphic Kill Cliff tee to throw on post-sweat sesh.

If you haven’t figured it out, Adesanya is a huge fan of Kill Cliff, so we weren’t surprised to see the citrus-flavored beverage make an appearance in his gym bag. Kill Cliff is known as the “clean caffeine” drink for athletes, packed with B vitamins an electrolytes with zero sugar. If this is where the MMA fighter gets his unstoppable energy from, sign us up!

Another way he keeps the energy up is through training to his favorite jams. “In case they don’t have the sound systems going, I can cultivate and create the atmosphere I want,” says Adesanya while holding the Ultimate Ears BOOM 3. “It’s a powerful device in such a small compact frame.”

But by far, the most surprising item in his gym bag is a container of jelly beans. After nailing the toss-and-catch with his mouth, and riffing a few rhymes, we’re wondering if the source of his power might be a good old-fashioned sugar rush. Whether it’s for a quick spike of energy or just his favorite sweet treat, Adesanya seems to never leave home without the classic candy.

The MMA fighter has a few more items you can catch in our Gym Bag series, and if you’re looking for some knockout gear, you can shop some of Adesanya’s cool swag below. I don’t know about you, but those jelly beans are speaking to us.

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