More BT broadband customers get faster download speeds, but Virgin Media still miles ahead

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BT has connected thousands more of its customers to faster full-fibre broadband. In its latest progress report, BT-owned Openreach confirmed that it has connected an additional 620,000 customers to next-generation broadband in the last three months. That brings the total to 5.78 million premises nationwide, compared to 5.16 million during the previous financial quarter.

Full-fibre broadband is a huge step-up from older copper technology as it’s capable of beaming data at faster speeds (up to 1Gbps) and boosting upload speeds – essential for smooth video calls and backing up data to the cloud. Not only that, but fibre-optic cables are more durable and aren’t impacted by bad weather, unlike copper cables. The 1,000Mbps download speeds available with full-fibre connections are over 14x faster than the average broadband speed in the UK, which was recorded at 70Mbps earlier this year.

Sky Broadband Ultrafast

Sky’s Ultrafast broadband offers speeds in excess of 120Mbps. If you want something even faster then there’s also a 500Mbps Ultrafast Plus option which costs £45 per month.

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Virgin Media M100 + Phone

Virgin Media is currently offering its M100 broadband plus a phone line for £28 per month. This connection brings speeds in excess of 100Mbps to your home. There’s also M200 speeds for £34 per month.

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