Mycle is a modern electric bike …but comes with a vintage style and unbelievable price

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This is the Mycle Classic – a very modern spin on the classic shopper bike. But don’t be fooled by the time-tested design, the step-through frame houses some clever new technology. Designed by electric bike firm Mycle, the new model combines a 250w motor with seven gears to provide a boost when you need it.

If you’d prefer to tackle the roads under your own steam, a push of a button switches from pedal-assist to manual riding. A built-in screen will display your latest statistics from the ride, including which of the five available power settings that you’re using at that time. Mycle also includes a USB port, so you can charge your smartphone while you’re out on a ride. That means you should never arrive at your destination without any less than 100% in the tank – even if you’re relying on your smartphone for turn-by-turn navigation.

The Classic

For its latest electric bike, Mycle has looked back in time for inspiration. Dubbed The Classic, the model has all of the trappings of a modern motor-powered bike, but with the feel of a Shopper.

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