Nasa scientist fires back epic response to sexist comment on dating app

A planetary scientist who spent time at Nasa has become an internet sensation for sharing her epic comeback to a sexist comment she received on a dating app.

Dr Lauren Mc Keown was an intern at Nasa and wasn’t impressed when her potential dating match jokingly asked if she was ‘the receptionist’ at the famous space agency.

He followed that up by saying that she looks ‘reasonably smart’.

To which the 28-year-old, who had just finished her PhD responded:

‘Smart enough to know at least, that judging a woman’s intelligence based on her appearance might not be the best way to initiate conversation.

‘P.S. my mother is a primary school receptionist and is the wisest, most inspirational and kindest woman I know. So much so in fact, my PhD thesis is dedicated to her.’

Dr Mc Keown posted a screenshot of the interaction, which happened on the Hinge dating app to Twitter. Alongside the screengrabs she remarked ‘and this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I am single.’

As a self-confessed Mars geek, Dr Mc Keown interned at Nasa’s Ames Research Center in California and studied how to prevent bone density loss and muscle atrophy in astronauts making the journey to Mars.

She put her time at Nasa down on her Hinge profile as the ‘dorkiest thing’ about her.

And although she didn’t share screenshots of the rest of the conversation, she told CNN that the man told her he was joking and that she ‘shouldn’t take things so seriously’.

Funnily enough, she unmatched with him.

Lauren now works at the Natural History Museum and also has an article published in the journal Nature about surface processes on the Red Planet.

She also has some advice for anyone looking to dating apps to find love: ‘I guess if you’re attracted to someone enough to initiate conversation, then try not to insult someone.’

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