Need a data boost? EE is offering a massive 150GB 5G SIM at its cheapest ever price

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In the run-up to Black Friday, EE has dropped a brilliant money-saving deal for SIM-only customers. Right now, you can get a SIM which offers a humongous 150GB monthly data allowance, plus unlimited calls and texts for just £20 a month. This SIM plan runs for 24 months, and considering the two-year 1GB data plan costs £14 per month from EE – it’s not much extra to spend to unlock tonnes more 5G data to use.

EE | SIM-only | 150GB data | Unlimited texts and minutes | 24 months

Do you ever find yourself using up your monthly smartphone data allowance too quickly? If so EE has the deal for you. Right now the leading mobile operator is offering a whopping 150GB of monthly data for just £20 per month. This SIM-only package runs for 24 months and also includes unlimited texts and calls, plus the ability to stay connected online even if you – God forbid – run out of data.

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