Netflix Launches Games In Mobile App Worldwide, Including ‘Stranger Things’ Titles

It’s game on for Netflix: The streaming giant has launched its first collection of games on its mobile app to users worldwide.

Starting Tuesday, Netflix subscribers worldwide can play five mobile games: “Stranger Things: 1984” (BonusXP), “Stranger Things 3: The Game” (BonusXP), “Shooting Hoops” (Frosty Pop), “Card Blast” (Amuzo & Rogue Games), and “Teeter Up” (Frosty Pop).

Netflix officially unveiled its plans to enter the video game market in July, with execs saying the effort is designed to buttress the core video-subscription service, rather than representing a discrete new revenue stream. The games on Netflix are included as part of the overall subscription — with no ads or in-app purchases.

“Whether you’re craving a casual game you can start from scratch or an immersive experience that lets you dig deeper into your favorite stories, we want to begin to build a library of games that offers something for everyone,” Mike Verdu, Netflix’s VP of game development, said in announcing the rollout. Verdu, a former EA and Oculus exec, joined the company earlier this year to lead the gaming initiative.

The mobile games are currently available on Netflix’s app for Android devices when you log into your profile, via a dedicated games row and games tab where you can select any game to download. Users on an Android tablet will see a dedicated games row or be able to select games from the categories drop down menu to download and play. (Netflix plans to roll out support for games on iOS in the next few months.)

While some of Netflix’s mobile games may require an internet connection, others will be available to play offline, according to Verdu.

The Netflix mobile games are available in many of the languages it offers in the app, and the games will automatically default to the preference set in your Netflix profile. If your language is not yet available, games will default to English. The games are not available on Netflix Kids profiles.

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