New Mercedes-Benz is ‘made of solar panels’ and has a massive 8K telly inside

Just when you thought electric cars couldn't get any more futuristic, a new Mercedes-Benz car has been unveiled that could get you from Paris to Berlin on a single charge.

The car, known as the Vision EQXX, was revealed at CES 2022. It has a bigger range than any other electric vehicle on the market, including Tesla, and is able to drive up to 620 miles on one charge.

That means the average driver would only have to charge their car once or twice a month.

It's able to do this thanks to being lined with powerful solar cells to capture energy from the sun.

These ultra-thin roof panels mean the car can gain extra charge while it's driving around, which could add up to 15 miles to its range.

The tech will be used in future Mercedes cars to ensure they don't have to rely on petrol.

Meanwhile, the car is full of Formula One tech that Mercedes has developed on the track, which should mean the Vision EQXX will have some impressive acceleration.

The inside of the car is made of a number of trendy high-tech materials, from vegan leather seats made of mushrooms to bamboo fibre carpets.

The dashboard has a huge curved glass dashboard display with an incredible 8K resolution, which is bigger than most commercial TVs.

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Although this model won't hit the market itself, Mercedes claim it is as close to a production vehicle you can get, and will pave the way for their future electric cars.

A spokesperson for Mercedes says they expect to get much of this technology into their consumer vehicles by 2024 at the latest.

While this kind of car technology is a big leap forward for electric vehicles, it is missing one thing that many techie drivers are pining for: the kind of self-driving tech that Tesla is building.

It remains to be seen whether Mercedes bring this AI kit into their cars in the future.

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