OnePlus builds 'Phone Dome' to livestream concert to fans tonight

Chinese smartphone company OnePlus has constructed a ‘Phone Dome’ in order to livestream a gig to fans through Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

The Phone Dome Gig will be taking place this evening, December 4, on the company’s Instagram account. The event kicks off at 8pm UK time.

Danish singer Mads Langer will be performing inside the igloo structure surrounded by 74 OnePlus smartphones capturing the music.

The 150kg dome stands 4m tall and is constructed from 80 stainless steel tubes. Affixed to the device, the different phones will perform different functions:

  • 16 phones used to provide visuals and background lighting during the concert.
  • 50 phones for VIP ticket holders – these are mounted to the Dome rig – acting as one big video conference.
  • 8 phones used on the gimbal – capturing the best content and angles during the concert – and sending it live to your home.

The phones are connected through WiFi – with one connection dedicated to the VIPs inside the Dome – and a second connection for the Instagram live streams sent to the rest of the world.

‘To ensure the best concert experience outside of the rig – we have custom-built a gimbal – making it possible to move around eight phones in a fast and smooth manner,’ OnePlus explained on its forum.

‘This way, you get to experience the concert from different angles – capturing the best content from the event.’

You can check out the gig this evening on the company’s Instagram account here.

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