Outlook DOWN: Desktop email outage reported as Microsoft provides updates

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According to the latest news from Microsoft, Outlooks services are temporarily down.

The good news is that the engineering team are looking into an outage, and it appears that regular email services will resume very soon.

No ETA has been provided, but several other updates have been shared by the Microsoft support team.

The official Outlook site provides this information on tonight’s Outlook outage: “Users may be unable to access Outlook.com.

“We have reverted the update, and in addition, we are restarting services to mitigate the impact.”

And another message from the Microsoft support team adds this information: “Our engineers are aware of issues accessing Outlook and are actively working to fix the problem.

“Admins can find updates for business users in the Admin Center under EX289214.”

Today has already seen several big outages, with Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp taken offline for much of the day.

This happened across the globe, hitting users hard in North America and Europe. This outage has ended for most users.


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