Povetkin v Whyte 2 free live stream: Serious warning issued to fans trying to watch online

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Alexander Povetkin and Dillian Whyte will be back in the ring tonight for their hotly-anticipated rematch. The heavyweights met last year when Whyte dominated the bout until being knocked out by a devastating blow from Povetkin in the fifth round. And now, the pair will come face-to-face once again. The fight takes place under the bright lights of Gibraltar due to current Covid-19 lockdown restrictions in place in other parts of the world. It’s set to be another classic encounter but with pubs across the UK still closed, fans only have one way to watch the biggest boxing match in 2021.

To view all the action, you’ll need to head to Sky Box Office and pay a one-off fee of £19. That’s not exactly cheap and the high price tag is likely to tempt some boxing fans to look elsewhere online for free streams of the rematch online – but if you’re considering these methods, you should be aware that doing so comes with some serious risks.

Watching these streams is illegal and it could actually leave you with a hefty fine or even time behind bars.

There is another dark side to watching this type of content online as cyber thieves are cashing in on people attempting to watch for free with hidden malware lurking in links that promise sporting action without needing to pay. Consumers need to be aware that when clicking on illegal links, criminals can be gaining access to their personal and financial data, which then can be used to set up other fraudulent websites in your name, as well as putting malware on your device.

Alexander Povetkin reacts to Dillian Whyte knock out

Speaking ahead of the clash, Kieran Sharp, CEO of FACT, told Express.co.uk: “With the Povetkin fight taking place this weekend, and fans still unable to attend the fight or watch it in the pub, many supporters may be tempted to turn to illegal streaming to access the fight. But, many fans are unaware of the hidden dangers of boxing piracy, and it’s really important that they understand the risks.

“Three out of five people in the UK (62%) are unaware that illegal streaming can lead to fraud, identity theft, and malware – and even link to criminal gangs. During the past 12 months, there’s been an increase in piracy over the various lockdowns with FACT having removed double the volume of illegal film links in April 2020 compared to February 2020.”

Along with watching online for free, fans should be careful about sharing paid-for content from their TVs to social media platforms. Back in 2017, a boxing fan from Bristol was ordered to pay legal costs of over £16,000 and to disclose details about the money he’d made and people he colluded with for re-streaming Sky Sports content online illegally.

More recently, avid fan Nathaniel Kirk almost fell foul of a huge legal bill after he decided to stream the last Whyte v Povetkin online. Something he thought was just a bit of fun left his account shut down and facing serious legal action.

“I had no idea I was infringing copyright at the time, I just didn’t think,” said Kirk. “It was a mindless, spur of the moment idea that I thought would be some fun. I’m a huge boxing fan and I hadn’t considered that what I was doing might be infringing copyright or a crime. Because it was on Facebook it didn’t feel illegal and I really didn’t think it would reach that many people. I’ve learnt a lot about illegal streaming in the last few months and I’ve warned friends and family to be careful about what they watch online. I don’t want people to make the same mistake I did, so to anyone looking to share or stream illegal content I would say it really isn’t worth the risk!”

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