Rappers try to save puppy from rooftop in VR – and the results are hilarious

They’re usually known for their music, but several rappers have now tried their hand at a virtual reality game, with some pretty hilarious results.

The rappers, including Nef The Pharaoh, Smokepurpp and Curren$y, were tasked with saving a virtual puppy from a rooftop, in a video for 88rising.

The puppy can be found at the end of a narrow beam, which the rappers must navigate down.

While the rappers are initially confident, this quickly changes as they put on the headset.

And to make things even trickier for themselves, several of the rappers appear to be stoned.

The whole video, which was filmed against a green-screen, is pretty hilarious.

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Some personal highlights include Fat Nick claiming his ‘Gucci pants are gonna rip’, and Saint Jhn’s victory speech in which he says that ‘this ain’t virtual reality, it’s compassion.’

Be warned – there’s a lot of swearing throughout the video!

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