Rita Ora chats tech on tour, old-school Mario and filming an AR EE advert

Rita Ora didn’t let lockdown stop her from getting out into London.

The singer-songwriter partnered up with network provider EE to appear as an avatar over the city for her first ever augmented reality (AR) performance.

The performance was made possible through the blazing-fast 5G tech loaded onto the iPhone 12 Pro and powered by EE.

You may have seen the advert on telly in recent weeks.

Fresh from the experience, Rita sat down with Metro.co.uk to talk all things tech.

We cover old-school Nintendo, doggy cams and selfies. Read on to find out all about Rita’s Ora-some gadget choices.

What tech gives you that sweet sense of nostalgia?

Definitely a Sony CD Walkman. I remember the days of chucking the CD player in my bag or backpack and listening to Aaliyah or Mary J Blige on the way to school. You had to clean the CDs when tracks skipped, wired earphones… ah, memories.

If you could click your fingers and make a dream bit of tech a reality, what would it be?

Probably a teleportation device so I could travel the world and get back to my bed when on tour. I miss my own bed so much after a show on tour so that would be a perfect way to end a day.

What’s your earliest tech memory?

Mario on the SNES, the one where you had to blow the dust out of the cartridges because they got mega dusty and sometimes didn’t work.

Do you have a desert island gadget – something you can’t live without?

It’s not really rock ’n’ roll, and I might be late to the party, but I really do love my Kindle. I’m a bit of a bookworm. It really helps me escape and the Kindle’s great because it means I can carry loads of books and still travel light.

Headphones of choice?

For sound quality I love Bowers and Wilkins. They are up there when it comes to sound profile and quality. Also Apple AirPods as noise cancelling is so important to me. I hate hearing other things when I’m listening to music.

Do you use any pet tech?

Yes, I have this little treat camera thing called Furbo. It gives my dog a treat when she barks. Cher’s a barker so to keep her quiet I just fire out a treat. I love the idea of being able to chat to my pet when I’m away.

Do you have a smart home?

I have an Amazon Echo with Alexa, my good friend. She wakes me up every morning. I ask her to play music, the radio, the news.

Have you seen any amazing fashion/tech fusions?

Because the world is changing so much right now and leaning on tech way more heavily, the one that stood out for me was Gucci’s personalised video shopping idea, which I thought was really cool. You can go into the shop and get a bit of that in-store experience.

What tech do you use every day?

Fitness apps. Workouts are good for my mental health. I have a Peloton bike and try and get in an hour’s workout most days. I also use that thing called the Instagram. You may have heard of it.

You were using augmented reality in the EE iPhone 12, advert…

It was my first AR performance and with the iPhone 12 Pro we created a whole immersive, super-cool experience. I was in a motioncapture suit and they scanned my body and created this avatar.

I was singing to Let You Love Me walking along the streets of London but I wasn’t. Then I wore a glove, which meant I could move the avatar with my own body and it was the coolest thing. It still blows my mind.

Your favourite thing about the iPhone 12 Pro is?

Selfies. The night mode on the iPhone 12 Pro’s selfie camera is so good. Selfies are obviously really important now so you can grab them day or night without stressing that the camera will let you down.

Why is having 5G on your phone important to you?

It’s the speed. Nowadays, everything happens so instantly and seeing it in the moment is so important. Phone cameras are incredible, you can share photos and videos and see it around the world just like that.

Rita Ora delivered her first AR performance over 5G to celebrate the launch of the
Apple iPhone 12 Pro on EE.

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