Samsung’s radical new 4K TV arrives in the UK with a unique twist

Samsung isn’t standing still when it comes to its range of Smart TVs. The South Korean firm has already launched new standard 4K and 8K televisions, plus its “The Frame” screens which blend seamlessly into living rooms. And not to mention a new television designed to work outside all year-round.

And now, Samsung has another wacky concept arriving in the UK which is designed for people who are addicted to their smartphones. Known as The Sero, this might look like any normal telly …but it has a unique trick up its sleeve. Once connected to a smartphone it automatically spins to mirror vertically to help mimic what’s on the smartphone or tablet screen.

Samsung says this is the world’s first mobile-friendly TV, which is clearly aimed at those who want to check out the latest Instagram posts or TikTok videos on a bigger screen. Along with rotating automatically, users can also use voice control to make it spin or you can tap on the app to twist.

Of course, this is a Samsung telly so you can expect all the usual visual treats such as pin-sharp QLED technology and clever upscaling which helps improve the way all content looks.

The Sero also boasts a multi-channel speaker which is equipped with 60W, 4.1ch front-firing speakers for a rich and bass-enhancing audio experience.


  • Samsung’s all-new 4K TV changes the way you can watch television

This speaker should help users ramp up the sound when mirroring content from smartphones and scrolling through their social media feeds.

And when it’s no longer time to enjoy 4K entertainment on TV, The Sero screen doesn’t just fade to black. The unique Portrait Mode lets consumers choose from more than 50 stylish vertical backgrounds to enhance their home, whilst Ambient Mode+ allows to display useful information or blend the TV into its surroundings.

“We are exceptionally proud to launch The Sero to the market. It is an industry-first and so we are able to capture the demand of smartphone/social media users by bringing an innovation that can display any content imaginable,” said Dan Hastings, Samsung UK Director of TV and AV.

“With people now using their TVs in different ways than ever before, whether scrolling through social media, watching the latest viral videos or catching up on TV, The Sero is able to seamlessly adapt to enhance whatever content the user is watching, bringing a more bespoke and optimised experience”.

If you fancy owning one it will set you back £1,599.

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