Secret iPhone feature gives live UK snow times and locations

After days of high winds, rain and hailstorms, Storm Arwen is set to give way to up to two weeks of snow and ice that is set to sink Britain into the deep freeze.

Luckily, there's no need to stockpile tins of soup or teabags just yet, as a nifty tool hidden inside the iPhone weather app can give you precise times and locations for snowfall in your area.

To find out when to expect UK snow, open the Weather app on your iPhone. Once you're in, open the map using the icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen.

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Hit the icon that has a stack of three squares in the top right of your iPhone screen, and tap 'Precipitation'.

This will not only give you a live forecast of rain and storms, but also snow in your area. You can scroll through a timeline that will show you the snow's movement through your region.

If snow is inbound, a snow icon will appear over your location on the map.

You don't have to use the iPhone's Weather app to get alerts about snow, however. Here's how you set up live alerts for snow on your phone.

Enable snowy weather alerts on iPhone

  1. First, ensure your Weather app has access to your location. Open Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Weather and select Always.
  2. Then you need to enable notifications for the Weather app. Tap Settings > Notifications > Weather > Allow Notifications and activate alerts
  3. Finally, open your Weather app and tap the list icon in the bottom-right of the screen. Hit the option that says 'Stay Dry'.

From now on, you'll get a phone notification every time it's about to snow or rain near you.

If you're on an Android phone, you can do the same thing by going to Settings > Connections > More Connection Settings > Wireless Emergency Alerts and selecting 'Severe Weather Alerts'.

A phone notification is no replacement for staying warm, so make sure you keep a jumper handy over the next week.

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