Sky Glass: Price, UK release date and how is it different from Sky Q?

For the first time in its 31-year history, Sky is launching its very own TV, Sky Glass.

The new device is a 4K HDR smart TV designed and built by Sky, with every channel app and show built into it – all accessible via WiFi.

It is designed to be affordable and to make life easier for Sky customers by housing everything together in one device, without the need for a satellite dish.

But just how affordable is it, and what makes it different from the Sky Q box?

Sky Glass price

The smart TV will be available in three different sizes:

  • 43-inch: £649
  • 55-inch: £849
  • 65 inch: £1,049

The Sky Glass requires you to have a Sky TV subscription which starts from £26 per month.

You can buy your Sky Glass TV in one go, or you can spread out the cost with interest-free monthly payments.

These plans start from £13 per month, to be paid across two years on top of your monthly Sky TV subscription.

The £13 monthly figure is for the 43-inch TV, while the 55-inch TV will set you back £17 per month. The 65-inch TV comes in at £21 per month.

Each package comes with a full two-year warranty.

A £10 upfront fee applies to all Sky Glass subscriptions, and you’ll also need to keep in mind that you will need broadband (11Mbps minimum) but this doesn’t need to be provided by Sky.

All the benefits of Sky Q will still be included, including Sky’s voice search functionality and multi-room functionality.

However, the Sky Q mini-box will be replaced by the Sky Stream Puck for those that purchase a Sky Glass TV.

The Sky Stream Puck is a second streaming box, which allows for Sky multi-room.

Up to six ‘Pucks’ can be wirelessly connected to your Sky Glass TV enabling you to access Sky services on other TVs across your home.

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