Sky TV broadband quietly cuts the cost of its monthly bills, but most will miss out

Sky TV has quietly dropped the cost of its optional broadband “Boost” add-on …but the discount only applies to new customers. So, anyone who is already signed-up to an existing contract will have to stick with the previous price. “Boost”, which used to cost £5 extra a month, is currently available for a £2 premium on-top of either the superfast or ultrafast broadband packages.

The headline feature of Broadband Boost is that it ensures your home Wi-Fi will extend to every room in your home. From the loft conversion to the conservatory, Sky will guarantee customers get Wi-Fi signal in every room in the house – so you won’t have to sprint into another room in order to answer a video call without stuttering and cutting out, for example. If you’re struggling to get a minimum of 3Mbps in each room, Sky will send out a Sky Broadband Booster to give your signal an extra kick as well as a visit from an engineer to make sure your home is set-up to get the best signal and coverage.

Anyone who opts for the “Boost” add-on will also benefit from the latest-generation Sky Broadband Hub (unless you already have one). If after all that, you’ll still not managing to draw-down at least 3Mbps in every room in your home, Sky will give you your money back on the subscription.

While that might be the most exciting feature, it’s not the only benefit for those who spend the extra for “Boost”. Sky also throws in the ability to book engineer visits at a time that suits you – including evenings and weekends – at no additional cost. If you’re back in the office and have limited time at home to let in the engineer, this is an incredibly handy benefit.

Sky TV quietly boosted broadband speeds and you might be missing out

Sky will also run daily health checks on your internet connection. That should mean the company notices any issues before you do. And when there is a gremlin that’s deteriorating your connection, Sky will send you a text message to let you know they’re aware of the issue and starting to look into a fix.

If there is an issue with your broadband connection and you’re left without Wi-Fi at home, Sky will immediately transfer 2GB of mobile data to any family members with Sky Mobile SIM cards plugged into their smartphones. That should make up the difference of any extra data used while your home broadband is down.

Finally, “Boost” customers will get access to the Sky Broadband Buddy app, which brings improved parental controls. You’ll be able to add time limits to children’s devices and stop them from connecting to the internet entirely between set times – like dinner time, or in the wee small hours. You can also filter out certain websites and content.

According to internet-obsessed blog ISPreview, the price cut to Broadband Boost doesn’t show up by default on the Sky website. Instead, you’ll need to follow specific links in the online order system to unlock the discount, which was introduced without any fanfare.

The lower £2 a month price will be available throughout your 18 month contract. After that, it will return to £5 a month.

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