Snapchat launches new waterproof Spectacles and now you can use them to take pictures at last

Snapchat’s hands-free camera hardware Spectacles has just received the update we’ve all been waiting for.

Firstly, the Spectacles are now water-resistant, so now you can record your adventures at the beach/lake/swimming pool without worry of water damage.

But, more importantly, the Spectacles will now finally let you use them to take photos as well as 30-second videos – something that has been a long time coming if you ask us.

The new Spectacles launched today, and were designed with three main things in mind – water resistance, improved image and audio quality, and increased transfer speed.

The result is a product that’s water resistant, transfers photos and videos in HD only and contains new dual microphones to capture clearer, higher quality sound and reduce wind noise.

Snapchat has also improved the Transfer experience with the development of a Wi-Fi only import, which ensures you only see the highest possible video quality by eliminating the need for SD content, and means that Snaps now appear in your Memories four times faster than before.

All that, and it comes in three new colours too – onyx, ruby and sapphire.

Spectacles are available from here in the UK and cost £149.99. You can also purchase the new and most definitely improved product from the US, Canada and France today (April 26), and Spectacles will be available to purchase in more countries from next Thursday (May 3) too.

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