Sneak peek at new Doctor Who Infinity game starring Katy Manning

Doctor Who: Infinity has announced details of its second episode, which will feature a classic series companion.

The puzzle game was originally announced in late 2017, with a launch trailer showcasing Michelle Gomez lending her vocal talents as the villainous Missy.

The first episode of Infinity, titled The Dalek Invasion Of Time, will feature Missy on her own adventure with the Twelfth Doctor.

But fans of the classic era of the hit sci-fi show can rejoice, as Tiny Rebel have unveiled the next episode of Doctor Who : Infinity featuring 70’s companion Jo Grant.

In a chapter capturing the feel of the era, Katy Manning has joined the voice cast to reprise her role of the Third Doctor’s plucky assistant.

The next story, The Orphans of the Polyoptra, has a wildly different style to the previous chapter – lovingly recreating the feel of Jon Pertwee’s era from opening titles and script.

The gameplay for Doctor Who: Infinity shares some common themes from Tiny Rebel’s previous dalliance with the franchise. But unlike 2013’s Doctor Who: Legacy, it’s a more considered gaming entry, with a greater focus on story and freeing users from time limited moves to be more strategic as they progress.

It remains a puzzle RPG, with players matching up orbs to progress, but Infinity adds a new dimension to the genre by bringing a chess-like approach.

Whether this is by clearing rubble to free trapped citizens or taking on attacking Daleks, Doctor Who: Infinity builds on the the success of its predecessor.

Tiny Rebel have teased further expansion to the game, with up to six episodes being released in the future. They remain tight lipped about whether any of the previous actors who have played The Doctor himself will feature, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed!

Doctor Who: Infinity will be available in August on iOS and Android devices and is available now for pre-order on PC from Steam

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