Sony announce new Bravia Cam that tells you off for sitting too close to the TV

With almost 40 percent of Brits saying that their eyesight has got worse because of too much screen time, it's more vital than ever to take steps to protect your vision.

While some people opt to do this the old-fashioned way, i.e. by spending less time looking at screens, Japanese tech giant Sony has come up with an easier option.

Its new Bravia Cam, announced yesterday at CES 2022, is a TV webcam which will tell you off if you're sat too close to the screen.

It uses smart proximity sensors to detect how far away you are from all those bright pixels, and sends an initial pop-up to warn you.

If you still stay too close, it will then block out the speakers and issue a full-screen warning.

The Bravia Cam won't just try to save you a trip to the opticians, though.

As well as being a typical webcam that lets you speak to people online, it analyses where you are in the room and automatically adjusts image settings (such as brightness) for optimal viewing pleasure.

On top of that, it will work out whether or not someone is in the room. If it's empty, the Bravia Cam will switch the TV off entirely.

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Perhaps the weirdest feature of the Bravia Cam is its gesture controls. These let you control things like the volume or the TV channels by waving your hands, sort of like a Nintendo Wii but with no remote.

Sony has announced a range of new technologies at this year's CES conference, from high-tech TVs to booming new sound systems.

Earlier this week, it unveiled the Playstation VR 2 as well as an exclusive VR game for it, Horizon Call of the Mountain.

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