Surprise Halo: Infinite trailer shows jaw-dropping graphics and release date

Fans of Halo are going wild for a surprise new campaign trailer for Xbox's Halo: Infinite, which Microsoft dropped out of nowhere after announcing it just hours before.

The campaign reveal spilled the beans on what fans can expect from the latest entry into the saga. Halo: Infinite promises to be the series' biggest campaign to date, where players will take up the mantle of Master Chief once more to battle against the Banished.

The video claimed 'Infinite' is Halo's biggest campaign to date since the series first launched in 2001.

Set on Zeta Halo, a 'damaged world full of wonder, mystery, and danger', it promises gamers a 'wide open world' inspired by the likes of Far Cry, where players can take down enemies in a non-linear and creative fashion.

The latest instalment picks up where Halo 5 left off, and sees Master Chief hunt down clues for what happened to the friendly AI Cortana.

As usual, he's being hunted by the Banished, who have spread across the planet building evil fortresses, strongholds, and outposts that players must take down.

The video was light on gameplay details, but showed off the return of iconic vehicles from the series such as the Mongoose, as well as some jaw-dropping aerial combat.

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It will see some familiar enemies from the series return once again, as well as some killer new threats, such as the 'sadistic skimmers'. Halo: Infinite seems focused on refreshing the formula that has made the series so popular since the launch of the first Xbox.

"From the beginning of the Halo saga, master chief has been a hero ready to fight and win against impossible odds," the video says.

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It continues: "This time, players now have more freedom than ever before to take down the Banished any way they choose."

Halo: Infinite will be released on December 8 and made free to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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