TalkTalk broadband customers could soon get a new way to watch TV

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TalkTalk is set to move away from the YouView service it helped develop onto another TV partner. As reported by ISPreview, the budget broadband provider has this week signed a deal with Netgem for a new 4K TV product that will launch for its 4.2million subscribers. If it’s anything like Netgem’s current offerings, then the upcoming TalkTalk box will deliver TV content over the internet.

This is similar to Sky’s contract-free NOW service (formerly known as NOW TV) as well as a new streaming gadget that Virgin Media has confirmed will be launching this year.

Netgem devices that are currently on the market are able to broadcast over 200 TV channels such as Premier Sports and LaLigaTV as well as 80 extra TV channels – as well as being able to record, pause and rewind programming.

Netgem boxes can also access thousands of hours of catch-up TV from services like BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub, as well as being able to access content from Prime Video, Rakuten and more.

And the best thing about the new Netgem service is it shouldn’t cost TalkTalk customers a fortune.

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