There's an app which lets you stalk people on Instagram and Facebook isn't happy

Facebook has declared war on an app which claims to let you access other users’ private profiles.

The software is called Ghosty and invites people to share access to their own account.

In exchange, they are offered the ability to creep on the profiles of other users.

It has been downloaded more than 500,000 times on the Google Play Store, where the makers of Ghosty wrote: ‘You can view all the profiles you want to view including hidden profiles on Instagram.

‘You can download or share photos or videos from your Instagram profiles to your gallery.’

However, Facebook has now vowed to send a cease and desist letter to Ghosty.

In a statement, Facebook said: ‘This app violates our terms.

‘We will be sending a cease and desist letter to Ghosty ordering them to immediately stop their activities on Instagram, among other requests.

‘We are investigating and planning further enforcement relating to this developer.’

Instagram has been busy recently and is about to hide the like count from a lot more users’ accounts and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

The Facebook-owned picture app has just announced that it’s going to remove likes from yet more people’s accounts.

It tested the change on users in seven countries but has now expanded this experiment to a global audience.

Eventually, no-one will be able to see the number of likes a post receives apart from the person who uploaded it.

Instagram tweeted: ‘Starting today, we’re expanding our test of private like counts globally. If you’re in the test, you’ll no longer see the total number of likes and views on photos and videos posted to Feed unless they’re your own.

‘While the feedback from early testing in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand has been positive, this is a fundamental change to Instagram, and so we’re continuing our test to learn more from our global community.

‘In addition, we understand that like counts are important for many creators, and we are actively thinking through ways for creators to communicate value to their partners.’

Instagram previously said the move is designed to shift the focus away from making Instagram feel ‘like a competition’ where users compete to see how many likes they can rack up.

We want Instagram to be a place where people feel comfortable expressing themselves,’ said Mia Garlick, Facebook’s director of policy for Australia and New Zealand.

‘We hope this test will remove the pressure of how many likes a post will receive, so you can focus on sharing the things you love.’

Nicki Minaj vowed to stop using Insta if her likes were removed, whilst Kim Kardashian thinks the change is a smashing idea which could improve people’s mental health.

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