This shocking sex video is causing outrage on YouTube

It’s one of the most extreme and controversial videos ever to appear on YouTube.

Filmed using state-of-the-art cameras, the short movie shows an up close and extremely graphic look at sex from inside a woman’s vagina.

During the two minute clip, YouTubers get to view a penis as it enters the vagina and what happens during sexual intercourse.

And that’s not all, as cameras have also been attached to the man’s penis providing another angle on the proceedings.

The shocking film even shows the full moment of a man’s orgasm.

Since it was uploaded earlier this year the movie has now been viewed over 13.9million times – but many are asking how something so obscene is allowed on YouTube.

One outraged YouTube user wrote in the comments section: “omg so disgusting why are they even showing this what if a child see this.”

Whilst another added: “AND this is how you can publish PORN on YouTube and get away with it.”

It appears the graphic video has been allowed on the popular website due to its educational nature.

YouTube rules state: “Sexually explicit content like pornography is not allowed.

“However, a video that contains nudity or other sexual content may be allowed if the primary purpose is educational, documentary, scientific or artistic, and it isn't gratuitously graphic.”

Due to the nature of the content Daily Star Online has chosen not to show the video.

WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT: If you are over 18 the video can be viewed here but it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK

Most videos of this nature have age restrictions set on them which means you'll need to verify yourself before viewing.

However, if you're still worried about younger family members watching this type of content you can block it completley.

To implement the Parental Controls for YouTube, go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

You will see a reference to Safety Mode and it will say OFF.

Click the Off button to access Parental Control to turn on YouTube Safe Search.

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