This Whimsical Two-Bedroom Tiny House has More Space Than You’d Think

Tiny houses have been a trend for quite some time. They’re aspirationally minimalistic, at least for Americans—the people of big houses and, weirdly, shrinking lawns. But even the most compelling tiny homes can seem too small for everyday adult living. That’s especially true if you have a kid. (Children, paradoxically, can take up a lot of space.)

But Baluchon, a French design studio that specializes in tiny houses, has built one not just for a forest getaway or as a substitute dorm room. Valhalla, they call it, and it houses a family of three, squeezing two bedrooms into just 140 square feet.


To accomplish that, they created lofted spaces at each end of the house; one is a bedroom, while the other is a raised living area. The main bedroom includes a mattress with a bedside table and lamp, and a long window allowing for natural light and a view of the outdoors. A second sleeping area, meanwhile, is tucked underneath the living room, and also includes a wide window and a pair of lamps. It’s perfect for a young kid’s room.


Valhalla features plenty of windows, letting sun highlight the bright wood throughout. (It’s got one of the woodiest bathrooms you’ll ever see.) It’s also got a full kitchen with a two-burner stove, refrigerator, and sink; overhead is perched a mini oven. All of which is right across from a workspace with a six-foot long table, which doubles as one of the stairs to the main bedroom. There’s also a shower and hot water tank.


Overall, Valhalla impressively fits a lot of living space into a small footprint, proving that the tiny house dream lives on even for people with children.

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