Thousands of Android phones infected with 'Flubot' malware spreading via SMS

A new form of malware is spreading via text message and infecting Android smartphones around the UK and in Europe.

Known as the ‘Flubot’ malware, it tricks victims into thinking they have missed a package delivery.

Reports show it urges the victim to download a ‘missed package delivery’ app through a link.

Needless to say, the app is actually spyware. Once installed, it starts gaining permissions and stealing banking information, credentials, passwords and any other personal information it can collect.

It also sends the same message out to everyone in the phone’s contact book to keep spreading.

Many of the messages are branded to look like they are from delivery companies such as DHL, UPS, Amazon or Royal Mail.

Network providers like Three, EE and Vodafone have also cautioned their customers to be wary of the scam.

The German-language messages were turned off once the UK messages were established, indicating a conscious effort to spread FluBot from country to country.

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