TikTok replaces Google as this year's most popular website

The power of Gen Z appears to have put TikTok on top of the internet, with the social media app overtaking Google as the most popular website of 2021. 

Google.com, which includes all its services from Maps, Translate, Photos, Flights, Books, and News was pushed to second place by the new kid on the block, according to tech-security company Cloudflare.

The ByteDance-owned social video app’s popularity skyrocketed during the pandemic, hitting 1 billion monthly active users in September. 

TikTok has emerged as the clear winner from the Covid-19 crisis as people spent more time indoors.

TikTok dances, trends and challenges became defining moments of the pandemic era bringing joy during an otherwise bleak year. 

Last year, Google was ranked the most popular domain of the year, while TikTok lagged behind at number seven.

While Google enjoyed a consistent lead from September to December last year, TikTok slowly caught up between February and May of this year.

On February 17, TikTok took the top spot for a day and continued to do so on some days in March and May. After August 10, TikTok ‘took the lead on most days’ according to a blog post by Cloudflare.

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