Time to upgrade 4K TV? Five blockbuster new features Sony will launch this year

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Sony will launch its all-new Smart TV range for 2022 in the coming weeks, and ahead of the launch, we’ve had a sneak peek at the new displays. And they certainly look incredibly impressive. The Japanese firm announced its latest-and-greatest goggleboxes back in January during the CES technology tradeshow in Las Vegas, with these brilliant displays expected to arrive on store shelves in the coming months.

Although there’s no official word on when you’ll be able to buy one of these new tellies, Express.co.uk has been lucky enough to see the entire range of new Sony TVs in the flesh and there are plenty of upgrades to get excited about including improved visuals, a new remote and camera that ensures you’re always getting the best experience.

If you love all things Sony, here are the best five features coming soon…


Sony is including a new remote with its latest batch of Smart TVs that gets a sleek aluminium redesign with easy access, via dedicated buttons, to all the most popular streaming services, including Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+.

There are also backlit keys to make it easier to change channels when the sun goes down, and this channel changer now features a useful “Finder” mode. If you lose it under the sofa, a quick voice command will set off an instant alert from the speaker inside the remote so you can find it again.

Sony has also confirmed that alongside this new sleek metal remote, its TVs will also ship with a standard plastic controller that includes a full numeric keyboard rather than the more minimalistic interface on the metal version. The only slight disappointment is that both are powered by AAA batteries, so there’s no clever solar charging features that come with new remotes from Samsung.


Every year, Smart TVs get better and better and Sony is boasting that its 2022 models offer huge gains over its previous TVs. There are a number of different screens available, including pin-sharp OLED, bright Mini OLED and cheaper LED models.

If you opt for the flagship OLED screens you’ll get an experience that’s pretty close to how Hollywood directors want you to see their content.

There’s also Sony’s clever Cognitive Processor XR that understands how humans see and hear to help improve the visuals and audio.

Sony is also promising brighter whites and deeper black from its new OLED screens and this new panel can boosts colour brightness by up to 200 percent compared to conventional TVs.

If you opt for a Mini LED telly then expect plenty of punchy visuals with these displays offering Sony’s widest ever colour palette. There’s also that clever Cognitive Processor XR and X-Anti Reflection technology minimises reflection for a distraction-free viewing experience.


Something new for 2022 is the BRAVIA CAM, which comes as standard on the firm’s most premium TVs.

This camera sits on top of the telly and is able to recognise where users are sitting so it can optimise the picture and sound accordingly. That means there’s no need to manually dig into the settings in the hope of finding the perfect visuals.

The BRAVIA CAM also lets users control things on the screen via gestures plus it can be used to make video calls without reaching for a phone or laptop.


Most of Sony’s latest Smart TVs come with a neat feature that should help them suit all living rooms. An adjustable stand is now built into these screens, which allows you to raise or lower the height.

If you have a soundbar or want to shove your Sky box under the telly you simply move things up but anyone wanting a more streamlined look can lower things back down again. It’s a really neat idea that more manufacturers should definitely follow.


Everyone has been going supersized in recent years with a growing trend for big-screen TVs. Luckily, Sony hasn’t forgotten about customers who want a smaller screen with the firm launching new premium MASTER Series A90K models in sizes starting from 42-inches.

These tellies also get the posh new remote, better sound thanks to Acoustic Surface Audio and much-improved visuals. Despite their diddy size they also look pretty impressive with skinny bezels that surround the screen.

Here’s the full line up of Smart TVs

MASTER Series Z9K 85” and 75” 8K Mini LED TV

MASTER Series A95K 65” and 55” OLED TV

X95K 85”, 75” and 65” 4K Mini LED TV

MASTER Series A90K 48” and 42” OLED TV

A80K 77” class, 65” and 55” OLED TV

X90K 85”, 75”, 65” and 55” 4K LED TV

X85K 85”, 75”, 65”, 55”, 50” and 43” 4K LED TV

X80K 75”, 65”, 55”, 50” and 43” 4K LED TV

Pricing and retail availability in Europe will be announced at a later date.

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