Tinder CEO shares simple hacks for finding love of your life on dating apps

In the last two years, casual sex and dating have taken a nosedive as lockdowns forced people to stay away from bars.

Instead, they've headed for the apps. In March 2020, when the first UK lockdown was announced, Tinder saw its highest ever number of swipes in one day: 3 billion.

But meeting people online isn't easy, even as Tinder expands its app into the 'Tinderverse', which features interactive games, 'blind dates', and even a cryptocurrency called 'Tinder Coins'.

Luckily, CEO Renate Nyborg has stepped forward to offer some advice for getting the most out of the app, explaining that the more you put in, the more you'll get out.

Speaking to Reuters, Nyborg said the app will start rewarding people for 'good behaviour' with Tinder Coins which can then be spent on profile Boosts, 'Superlikes' and other features.

This 'good behaviour' can be a few different things, including "adding more bio profile information so people can know more about who you are and this will actually help people find more meaningful connections."

She said: "If there was one tip I could give to anyone listening today, if you want to find a great match on Tinder, investing a bit of time in completing your profile, adding a video, things like this, this will really help you stand out and give people a real sense of who you truly are."

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However, you might not need to get to know people to get a Tinder date anymore anyway.

Today, the app announced its latest feature, a 'blind date' function.

Cilla Black isn't involved, but Fast Chat: Blind Date pairs members before allowing them to view each other's profile, making conversation, rather than photos, the first impression.

Tinder will match you with someone else, based on your preferences but your chat is the only thing in the spotlight. Only if you both decide to match after chatting for a short period of time, are your full profiles revealed.

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