Top iPhone hacks you didn’t know including secret button and faster charging

It's officially been more than sixteen years since Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone in an announcement that would change the world as we know it.

In that time, we've seen countless copycats and imitators spring up to try and grab a slice of the Apple pie. But for many iPhone users, simply nothing else will do.

If you're a long-time iPhone user you might think you already know your phone inside out. But the iPhone is packed full of hidden features which can help you get the most out of your beloved gadget.

To celebrate 16 years of iPhone, here's our top 10 iPhone hacks that will blow you away.

Charge your phone faster with Airplane Mode

Activating Airplane Mode (aka Flight Mode) switches off many of the power-hungry background apps that stop your phone from running at full pelt.

However, this can actually help your iPhone charge much quicker. So next time you're out of battery and need to get back online quickly, switch on those wings.

ID songs or musicians using AI

Ever since Apple bought the app Shazam, every iPhone has included a Music Recognition tool.

This lets you work out the name of any song playing near you, including at gigs or nightclubs.

It's really easy to activate, you just have to add it to your Control Center.

  1. Tap the 'Settings' app icon on your home screen
  2. Go to 'Control Center' and scroll all the way down to the bottom
  3. Look for the section that says 'More Control', and tap the green plus symbol next to Music Recognition

Now when you hear a song you like, simply swipe open the Control Center and hit the Music Recognition icon.

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Activate the iPhone 'secret button' that can do nearly anything

The Apple logo on the back of the iPhone may look as if it is just for show, but it's actually a secret button.

It's called 'Back Tap' and can be assigned any function you choose, whether that's to take a screenshot or activate Siri.

Go to your iPhone settings > Accessibility > Touch and look for 'Back Tap'. Follow the instructions to get set up.

Now, if you tap it two or three times it will activate your chosen function.

Turn your iPhone into a tape measure

Whether you're riveting windows or putting up a shelf, DIY can be a pain—especially if you've forgotten all your kit.

Luckily the iPhone can be used as a tape measure. Just install and open the 'Measure' app.

Place the camera so it is facing where you want to measure from. Then press the + icon to begin measuring.

By moving the phone from the beginning to the end of your chosen space, you will see the tape measure increasing.

Once finished, tap the + button again to reveal the distance.

Convert voicemails into text messages automatically

The iPhone's 'visual voicemail' feature uses super-smart artificial intelligence to listen to your voicemails and then dictate them into text.

That means no more calling your voicemail to hear important messages.

If you're with O2, Vodafone, Voxi or Sky you can activate the service and begin automatically receiving voicemail texts.

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Cast some Harry Potter magic spells on iPhone

Harry Potter fans have discovered that you can cast magic spells from 'Harry Potter' using Siri.

Simply get the attention of Siri, by saying ‘Hey, Siri’, followed by 'Lumos', and this should turn on your flashlight. To switch it off, just say "Hey Siri, Nox."

You can also tell Siri "Avada Kedavra"—it won't kill anybody, it will just switch on Airplane mode.

Turn off annoying notifications with Focus mode

'Focus' mode is Apple's new tool for letting you minimise distracting or unimportant notifications.

It lets you choose exactly when you want to receive notifications, who can send you notifications, and which apps are permitted to send you alerts.

To turn it on, tap the settings icon on your home screen then 'Focus'.

You can choose different profiles such as work and sleep and customise them to your liking.

Track flights in real time with iMessage

Did you know you can track any flight in real time just by typing the flight number in iMessage?

Press and hold the message bubble and you'll get a pop-up offering to preview the flight.

A live map screen will appear showing you where the plane is in the world and even the number for baggage claim at the end.

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Hide your lock screen notifications

One of the annoying things about an iPhone is that your lock screen can sometimes get overwhelmed with notifications.

If you want to disable lock screen notification previews on your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Open 'Settings' on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap 'Notifications', then 'Show Previews'
  3. Select 'Never' or 'When Unlocked'

Prepare your iPhone for your death with Legacy features

True Apple fans will take their iPhone to the grave.

Apple's Digital Legacy feature lets you select some contacts to access your data after you die. They just need a special access key and a copy of your death certificate.

To set up Digital Legacy:

  • Open Settings on your iPhone and tap your name at the top of the page.
  • Select “Password & Security” and from here choose “Legacy Contact.”
  • You can pick up to five family members or friends as your legacy contacts
  • You’ll receive an access code which your Digital Legacy contacts will need to provide, alongside a death certificate to access your account – so keep it safe!
  • The legacy contacts can also visit Apple’s website to request access after you die.

So, if you're worried about what will happen to your beloved phone after you're dead and buried, there's even a way to pass it onto a loved one.

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