Twitter Is Considering The Addition Of A Dislike Button

Twitter higher ups have revealed that they have considered adding a dislike button to their platform.

Despite only having been around for about a decade and a half, it’s hard to imagine a world in which social media doesn’t exist. It has become a key part of many of our lives. It is also ever-changing. It has to be to remain relevant and interesting. From MySpace to Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to TikTok.

Even though some of those platforms are newer than others, only one of them has failed to adapt quickly enough to remain in the public eye. The others are either new enough to have not needed to undergo changes or have evolved as years have passed. Twitter appears to be doing that more than any of its rivals right now.

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Twitter was the center of attention when it came to the presidential election this year. Donald Trump has found the time to stay active on Twitter throughout his presidency, but he really took it up a notch as votes were being counted. So much so that Twitter added a feature where tweets showcasing potentially misleading information were slapped with a warning. A large percentage of Trump’s tweets featured this warning during the election.

This week, Twitter added Fleets. Fleets are effectively Twitter’s answer to an Instagram story. Messages that disappear automatically 24 hours after being posted. They feel a little bit like a solution to embarrassing and maybe even incriminating comments being left on a timeline forevermore only to be unearthed and showcased years later. As for what’s coming next on Twitter, its users might be about to get a dislike button.

Don’t expect a dislike button to pop up right away. Twitter bosses have said it is something they’re considering, but the spread of misinformation and eliminating harassment from the platform will understandably be taking priority for the time being. If you don’t already know, there’s an option in the top right-hand corner of a tweet that allows users to let Twitter know what they don’t like. That option just isn’t as public as a potential dislike button will be.

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