Upsetting photo of Toys "R" Us mascot Geoffrey leaving shuttered store goes viral

Toys “R” Us mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe has been pictured leaving the store with a packed suitcase, signalling the end of childhoods everywhere.

The picture went viral on social media after Toys “R” Us employee Rene Johnpiere shared it on Facebook, just a day before the company closes its remaining stores.

In the image, Geoffrey is surrounded by empty shelves while holding a suitcase and waving goodbye. It really is brutal.

Johnpiere also shared images of the empty shelves in her store as it was closed for the last time. “My heart is breaking,” she wrote.

Several other devastating images were shared on social media, including of a sign that read: “I guess everyone has grown up. There’s no more Toys “R” Us, kids.”

Toy lovers and devoted Toys “R” Us customers have been expressing their sadness on Twitter.

One person wrote: “This is actually very sad image. Toys-R-Us was ‘the’ toy store my whole life. Bye Geoffrey.”

Another added: “Gut wrenching such a huge part of our daughter’s childhood! We loved going there for years!”

Toys “R” Us confirmed that it had gone into administration back in February. There was hope that the company would find a buyer, but it was not to be.

The toy retailer has been a household name for decades, with many kids growing up watching Geoffrey the Giraffe in TV adverts. Depressingly, there’s no longer “millions [of toys] all under one roof”.

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