Virgin Media down: Internet and TV services disrupted for UK customers

Virgin Media customers around the UK are reporting issues with their service affecting WiFi and TV service in their homes.

The outage has been picked up by the website DownDetector which measures online services around the country. London appears to be the worst affected area.

Thousands of people in the capital are relying on their internet service to help study and work at home. So any disruption is likely to have grave consequences.

The internet service provider is responding to some users on Twitter to apologies for any disruption they’re experiencing – but hasn’t made clear if there is a larger problem affecting the network.

Many other customers have been venting their frustration on social media.

According to DownDetector, problems with the service began just after 9am on Thursday, June 25 and are affecting people across the country.

Birmingham and Leeds appear to be having problems but by far the worst affected area is London.

Writing on the DownDetector website, one user complained: ‘Internet completely down in SE London, error on their status page.

‘My boss was having problems with his yesterday all day, he is in Croydon. Hope it’s not the same today!’

Customers have also reported being unable to access Virgin Media’s Service Status page to check their connection status.

Virgin Media has been hit before by problems since the lockdown started – most notably in April – but has maintained that the increased load hasn’t caused any issues with its network.

A Virgin Media spokesperson told at the time: ‘Our broadband services are running as normal – there is no widespread issue with our network. If customers are experiencing individual connectivity issues they can contact our customer service team for assistance.’

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